1D Code for Single Vessel
This software contains code for a 1D model of pulse wave propagation in an elastic vessel. The code solves a hyperbolic system of PDEs to simulate pressure, flow, and vessel cross-sectional area along the length of the vessel. A ReadMe.txt file is included for a description of files inside the zip folder.

Bayesian Optimizer for 1D Pulmonary Network

This code version was used in Tutorial Workshop on Parameter Estimation for Biological Models at theĀ NC State University, July 25-28, 2018. The code was tailored to simulate the hemodynamics in a pulmonary arterial network in a healthy mouse. Code package and the related material (slide and exercises) are locatedĀ here.


Click here to download the code package used for 2018 Competitive Statistical Inference for Differential Equations Models at the University of Glasgow, UK. The challenge workshop is designed and organized by Dr. Benn Macdonald.

This package was tailored for CSide workshop's participants. The related challenge involves the application of Dr. Macdonald's statistical methods on pressure and flow, simulated from the network model of mouse pulmonary arteries, to infer a model parameter (arterial stiffness) used in a deterministic setting to produce the given pressure and flow.